Transform your pool and outdoor entertainment area



GreenStar Technologies’ innovative outdoor home automation solutions can elevate your outdoor living experience to whole new heights, keeping every corner of your home connected and accessible. Designed to withstand the elements, our exceptional outdoor surround sound system, weatherproof and antiglare televisions allow you to encapsulate the romantic charm of outdoor movies without leaving the confines of your residence. Our outdoor entertainment AV system can fully integrate into your existing landscaping design which will make listening to your favourite audio source as simple as one touch.
Our technology extends far beyond simple lighting control, with everything from smart irrigation systems, motion sensors, keyless gates, pool control, motorised alfresco shades, hidden technology like pop up televisions, stealth invisible speakers, automated heating and cooling, smart fireplaces to audio and visual entertainment systems.
Your home is a retreat from all of the stressors of the world. Whether you work remotely or in the office, turning off the computer and enjoying your Melbourne property is a relaxing way to end or start the day. Instead of staying cooped up indoors, though, why not take yourself outside to enjoy your time away from the rest of the world? You could lounge by the pool listening to music, relax in the spa enjoying an audiobook chapter, or eat with the family while watching the TV. An outdoor entertainment system takes all of your favourite indoor activities to your own backyard and garden spaces.

Scroll below to learn how outdoor audio and TV can change the way you experience your outside spaces!

AWARD WINNING Hidden Speakers and TV Technology. Transforms the Look & Feel of Your Melbourne Home WITH GREENSTAR.

Out of sight - but not out of mind!
GreenStar Technologies Stealth Invisible Speakers is the ultimate expression in architectural audio. Installed into the wall or ceiling and then finished over with the surrounding surface, they don’t just blend into the wall or ceiling, they become part of it. Invisible audio deliver ambient music that emanates throughout the space with no visual footprint. They can be found in luxury residences, art galleries, museums, restaurants and premier retail boutiques. They are also used exclusively world-wide by Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Fendi and Dior!

We all enjoy the immersive feeling of surround sound and brilliant picture quality while watching films, but once the credits roll, do you enjoy the way your technology looks while powered off? Many of our clients enjoy having futuristic or vintage-looking technology in their Melbourne homes because it serves as an excellent conversation starter and an eye-catching component of their décor. Many others, though, prefer to enjoy their TVs and audio in the moment, then hide the products away when not in use. 

With hidden technology solutions, our expert team of technicians at GreenStar Technologies can help you incorporate cutting-edge AV solutions that hideaway, out of sight, when you or your family members are not listening or watching. 

To learn more about our favourite features of hidden technology solutions, schedule an appointment to visit our showroom today! 


There’s no need to carry out an old fashioned boombox to your patio area when you want to listen to music. An outdoor AV system makes listening to your favourite audio sources as simple as tapping your finger on a remote or smartphone, and speakers can integrate fully into your existing landscaping and patio design.

Our design and installation teams work with various high-performance audio brands like Jamo, Sonance, and Triad to design the perfect outdoor audio entertainment system that the entire family can enjoy. There’s no reason for speakers to be an eyesore, though, in your backyard with fully integrated outdoor speakers.

Camouflaged rock speakers blend perfectly into your garden while a custom soundbar pairs with your outdoor TV. Customised speaker installations flow seamlessly with your exterior furnishings, merging with your décor by mounting loudspeakers under eaves and installing satellite speakers and subwoofers throughout the yard inconspicuously. You’ll have a yard-encompassing sound experience you and your guests can enjoy no matter where you are located in your outdoor spaces.

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Are you an Electrician or Contractor in Melbourne and need help with Home Automation Solutions?


Come check out the latest in smart home tech and learn about exclusive #C4Yourself offers with GreenStar Technologies.

Collaborate and partner with us on your next home automation project and receive a FREE Control4 Neeo Remote or Chime Doorbell (valued at $1000). Your client must spend at least $4,750+GST on any Control4 products in order for you to receive your promotional item. 

This offer can be stacked, so bring in as many clients as you like! T&C’s apply, get in touch with our smart home technology experts for more information.

Why Collaborate with us?
Most Contractors and Electricians don’t have the scale of in-house resourcing to be across all the areas of expertise required in the field of Smart Home Automation or have the breadth of projects behind them to advise their clients and design from experience. Why not leave it to an expert who can recommend the best products and systems to suit your customer’s needs? 

Our team have collaborated with hundreds of Contractors and Electricians across Victoria. That’s why our team of experts will advise, plan, design, install, program and deliver all the technology lifestyle services your clients are seeking and help you secure the project and increase your revenue. You can trust that we can fill the role you need us to play to help you deliver the huge range of technology services and help you secure the job. 

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What can you do with a Control4 Neeo Smart Remote or Intelligent Chime Doorbell in your Melbourne home?


Ever wanted to make your home a smart home? Come check out the latest in smart home tech and learn about exclusive #C4Yourself offers with GreenStar Technologies.

In the month of August – September 2021, purchase $4750 + GST on any Control4 product in your project with us and you’ll be eligible to receive a FREE Control 4 Neeo Smart Remote or Smart Chime Doorbell, valued at $1,000 RRP. T&C’s apply, get in touch with our smart home technology experts for more information.

Control4 Neeo Universal Smart Remote:
Whole home control in the palm on your hands!

Smart home automation remotes can control your entire home. Turn on/off individual lights, activate lighting scenes, even lock the doors – right from the comfort of your couch. Access any television from any room or queen up your favourite streaming music service to begin playing throughout your Melbourne home. Switch between Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, CNN, HBO, FOX, Blue-ray, satellite or even PS4 and XBOX gaming consoles effortlessly.

  • Control hideaway devices
  • Controls your centralised and shared multi-room video content
  • Automates the start-up, switching and shutdown of devices for selected commands 
  • Control music & audio – favourite playlists, radio stations and browse artists from your personalised streaming music library
  • Control lighting ambience and blinds
  • Control heating & cooling systems
  • Live preview of your security providers camera recorder

Control4 Intelligent Smart Chime Doorbell:
Smart doorbell built for your smart home, answer from anywhere, control from everywhere.

Keep your home and business safe and secure with Control4 smart doorbell. Enhance your home and business security with the power to control from your smart phone device. With motion detection you’ll be instantly notified if a package has been delivered or if someone is at your front door.

  • Motion detection notification
  • Video snapshots and history access
  • Five adjustable motion zones
  • Control4 smart home automation works with chime to advance automation
  • Trigger smart lighting scenes
  • Two-way audio and high-definition video quality
  • 180 degree night mode
  • Unlock doors to receive packages or let in guests


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Transform 3 Living Areas With Smart Home Lighting


Your Melbourne-area property has never looked or felt this amazing!

Modern lighting utilises the science of LED (light-emitting diodes) to produce light without the same amount of heat present with halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent technology. One benefit of LED is its incredible cost-effectiveness, though they bring so much more to the proverbial table. GreenStar Technologies Smart Lighting System are highly efficient and use much less energy than incandescent bulbs.

The ambience of your home can shift with your moods or in synchronisation with the sun’s rays outside – with just tap of a button! GreenStar Technologies’ Smart Home Lighting System gives you the ultimate control over the way your home look and feel! Save the smart way and reduce your power energy bills today!

Scroll below to learn how three areas of your Melbourne home can transform with GreenStar Technologies Smart Home Lighting System.

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