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We’ll Walk You Through a Day With Innovative Technologies

Imagine a single easy-to-use interface that can control your entire Melbourne home. From the time you wake up in the morning until it is time for you and your partner to snuggle into bed in the evening, automated home services complement daily life with a layer of luxury never previously imagined.

We work in partnership with one of the most powerful home control brands, Control4, to incorporate smart technologies into our clients’ homes. Keep reading below to explore the benefits of a customised automated home control system tailored to meet your needs. We will walk you through a truly luxurious experience.


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Smart Scenes

Envision pressing a button on your smart device and having your entire property respond. Or better yet, your home predicting your needs based on your daily routines. It’s possible with an automated smart home. Scheduled to synchronise with an atomic clock at sunrise, your motorised window treatments raise to allow natural sunlight inside your bedroom. As you begin waking up, you reach over and press a “Good Morning” button on a custom-etched wall plate that matches your décor. In mere seconds, the rest of your home begins to wake up along with you.

Interior lighting gradually brightens to illuminate your path throughout the home as you begin preparing for the day. Gentle nature sounds start playing through your in-ceiling speakers as you prepare for the day, or perhaps you’re more of a news junkie, so your favourite news station starts reporting. In the evenings, select the “Goodnight” scene to begin an opposite home response – lights dim, curtains close to provide privacy, and your security system is armed.


One System for It All

Control4 home automation makes it possible for all of your smart technologies to operate using one powerful, comprehensive system. Compatible with over 10,000 devices from over 300 popular brands, you’re a simple voice command or finger tap away from adjusting your home to meet your needs in an instant.

If you’re ready to have a fun movie night with your family, walk into your home theatre and press the “Movie Night” preset selection on your touchscreen smart remote. Instantly, a rollaway screen emerges from the ceiling along with an ultra-high-definition projector. The lights dim to reduce glare and distractions. All of these different brands work in unison with one another, thanks to Control4. You’ve created a perfect movie-watching experience with just a press of a button. All you need to concern yourself with now is preparing snacks for a fun night spent with the family.


The perfect automated home experience is just a message away – call us now or fill out this online form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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