Five Ways to Enjoy Your Control4 Home Automation System


What Can You Do with Integrated Smart Technologies in Your Melbourne Home?

Having your home work for you sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? With Control4 home automation, your Melbourne property can respond to your every need with a simple finger tap – raise or lower motorised window treatments, turn up the volume on your favourite song, watch the latest blockbuster movie, and more!

At GreenStar Technologies, we integrate various solutions and smart devices into our clients’ homes to help them achieve a more luxurious lifestyle. Read on below to learn five different ways you can enjoy a Control4 smart control system!


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Motorised Blinds

Whether you have existing smart automated blinds and window treatments in your home or are looking to integrate luxury fabrics and styles from Lutron, you’ll be able to raise and lower blinds on-demand or according to a pre-programmed smart scene. Control4 home automation works with tens of thousands of third-party devices, so you can manage the daylight that enters your home.


Intelligent Lighting

By simply pressing a button on a smartphone app, tablet, or on-wall keypad, you can brighten and dim lights as you please in any room of the house. Homeowners can manage on the fly or automate lights as they need – exterior lighting will turn on automatically at dusk to provide an additional layer of security, and interior lights can shift from a bright, blue hue during the day to a warm, amber glow in the evenings to help your brain wind down and prepare you for rest and relaxation in the evenings.


Home Theatre

With the Control4 Neeo remote, every audio/video component and smart device in your personalised home theatre will respond – blinds close automatically, lights dim, the projection screen rolls down, and the hidden projector lowers from the ceiling, tuning to your favourite streaming movie and TV channel.


Outdoor Entertainment

You can extend your living areas to your backyard spaces with outdoor entertainment from Control4. High-performance sound can play throughout the yard on in-ground subwoofers and camouflaged satellite speakers, and weatherised outdoor TVs can show the latest TV episode you’re trying to catch up on. The press of your finger or a voice command can make your entire patio area come to life with Control4 automation!


Security & Surveillance

Keeping your Melbourne property safe is the number one priority for homeowners – not only your physical belongings but your family as well! Triggered burglar alarms have enhanced alerts with Control4. Indoor and exterior lighting can flash to draw attention to your home in the case of a break-in, TV displays can pull up live security camera footage to inform you of intrusion points, and mobile alerts will notify you and a remote monitoring station of unauthorised access and perimeter breaches.


Connect with us here now to start a conversation about the possibilities that Control4 automation can bring to your very own home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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