Go Keyless! Access Your Home in a New Way with This Security Solution


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Have you ever gone for a walk, only to find out once you return that you left your keys in the house? Gone are the days of checking for unlocked windows to gain covert access or calling your partner, hoping they are already on their way home, so you won’t need to wait outside for long. A smarter and safer solution is available for your Melbourne property. 

With keyless access security, you never have to worry about any of the above situations again, and there’s no need to hide a house key under a rock in the garden, either. Keep scrolling to learn how you can improve your home's security and convenience with keyless entry technology. 


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When You’re On the Property 

Updating your home’s security to include keyless access can make life easier whether you’re at home or away. Managing your keys, kids, the stroller, and other components for a walk around the neighbourhood is a juggling act, and often your keys are the piece that’s left on the counter. Leaving your door unlocked is unsafe, so adding a layer of protection against forgetfulness helps busy homeowners. With a keypad or using your smartphone, you’ll be able to lock and unlock the door with ease! 

Imagine watching your favourite TV series in your home theatre and hearing the doorbell ring. Someone is at the door, but who could it be? Without standing up from your luxuriously comfortable seating, you can pull up live footage of your porch on the TV display or your smartphone. You can then speak to the person from the convenience of your home, tell them you aren’t interested in their solicitation, then pick up the TV show where you left off.  


While You’re Away 

If you’re away on holiday or gone for a workday, you likely have cleaners, gardeners, or dog walkers that need access to your Melbourne property. Household upkeep doesn’t need to stop simply because you’re not at home. You can create a unique user code to send to service people or remotely unlock gates and doors for them from your smartphone or a tablet. With video door stations, you'll be able to see and speak to anyone that approaches entries, too. 

For regular visitors, you can create a schedule to allow them inside your home only during specified times. Housekeeping can visit your home from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., but if their staff try entering your home outside of the allotted time, their user code will not work to unlock the keyless entry system. This access security system will also send homeowners a push notification of the incident. With a tap of your finger, you can then view the live video footage of who is standing on your porch. 


Keyless access is an innovative solution that adds a new component of security and convenience to your home. To schedule an appointment to see this and other technology and automation in action, visit our contact form here. We look forward to showing you the exciting ways home technology can elevate your lifestyle!

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