Hidden Technology: Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind


Hidden Speakers and TV Technology Transforms the Look & Feel of Your Melbourne Home 

We all enjoy the immersive feeling of surround sound and brilliant picture quality while watching films, but once the credits roll, do you enjoy the way your technology looks while powered off? Many of our clients enjoy having futuristic or vintage-looking technology in their Melbourne homes because it serves as an excellent conversation starter and an eye-catching component of their décor. Many others, though, prefer to enjoy their TVs and audio in the moment, then hide the products away when not in use.  

With hidden technology solutions, our expert team of technicians at GreenStar Technologies can help you incorporate cutting-edge AV solutions that hide away, out of sight, when you or your family members are not listening or watching.  

Scroll below to learn more about our favourite features of hidden technology solutions, then schedule an appointment to visit our showroom today! 


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Hidden in Plain Sight 

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have high-performance, ultra-high-definition 4K picture quality available to you at a moment’s notice whenever you want to watch TV shows or movies. Just about everyone wants this experience, yet some prefer to have their artwork and furnishings serve as the main focus of their Melbourne homes instead of the audio/video equipment. Hidden TV and speaker solutions are the answer to having luxury home entertainment at the press of a button when you prefer to experience it 


Brilliant Picture Quality at the Tap of a Button 

Rollaway TVs, projectors, and projection screens are available from high-performing brands like Ultralift and Screen Technics. Flatscreens can smoothly and quietly lower from your ceiling, as in the Ultralift Spartan Ceiling Lift shown in the image above, or hide away into custom-made credenzas, artwork, or other décor. TVs can also be installed horizontally, then swing down for vertical viewing at the tap of a finger, depending on the unique needs you have in your home. 

Both brands offer various motorised lifts, brackets, and roller screens that our AV professionals will expertly install in your home theatre, media room, or other living areas. Screen Technics also exclusively distributes the high-end international brand Screen Innovations, which offers the Zero-G Ambient Light Rejecting Screen that seems to hover in mid-air in front of a large expanse of windows without losing picture quality.  


Heard But Not Seen 

In-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers are another solution that you can incorporate for the ultimate hidden technology experience. Speaker grilles can even be painted, plastered, or wallpapered to offer a nearly limitless audio experience in every room of your home. In the kitchen and dining areas where counter space is at a premium, invisible Sonance speakers offer the perfect solution for ambient music that floats through your living areas with no visual footprint. The ambience of your whole Melbourne home can completely transform with hidden audio and video technologies.  


Connect with us using this online form for an appointment to see and hear these hidden devices in action. We look forward to helping you make your home – not the technology – shine! 


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