A Lighting Control System Brings Luxurious Convenience & Comfort to Your Home


A Lighting Control System Makes It Easy to Show Your Home in Its Best Light 

Imagine walking into your home and having it respond to your every need. Smart lighting that turns on automatically at specified times of day, indoor temperatures lowering when it becomes too warm, and more are all possible with home automation. An automated home is no longer a concept from the future – it’s here now, and it’s here to stay. 

Incorporating a lighting control system into your Melbourne property ensures you can do the activities mentioned above, plus more! Keep reading below to learn three exciting features a smart home lighting system can bring to your home. 

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Smart Scenes 

Programmable scenes make life so much easier. As the sun sets each day, your outdoor landscape lighting will turn on automatically, then turn off at sunrise. Not only will this automatic response make your home look great in the dark, but it will deter potential thieves from looting your property, too.  

Inside your home, press the Goodnight button to initiate a series of smart device responses: motorised blinds lower, lights turn off, the alarm system arms itself, and all exterior doors are locked. All of this may seem impossible, but with a system powered by Control4, it’s possible! 

Energy Savings 

One of the most exciting features of a smart home with lighting control is the cost-benefit. While the initial upfront cost may seem daunting, homeowners can lower their monthly energy expenditures and reduce their energy footprint over time. 

Energy-efficient smart LED lighting can work in tune with other smart devices in your Melbourne home, too. Motorised blinds raise quietly to allow natural, warming sunlight to enter your home, and the lighting in your home can dim or turn off completely. Once the room reaches a designated temperature, blinds will lower, the HVAC will adjust accordingly, and your home’s lighting will brighten 

The Experience 

The most exciting aspects of lighting control and home automation are the incredible comfort and ease they bring to your Australian lifestyle. There’s no longer a need to walk throughout your expansive property to turn lights on or off or adjust automated blinds. Simply tap a finger on your smart device of choice or use a voice command! You’ll save time and energy, so you’re rested and rejuvenated and ready to spend that time with your family. 


GreenStar Technologies is an expert in lighting control, home automation, audio/video, and more! Connect with us using this online form to get started on your very own lighting and automation project.   

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