Out with the Old, In with the New: C-Bus Home Automation


Upgrade Your Automation System for the Best Home Experience 

Technology is constantly evolving, and as smart home technology integrators, we are tasked with upgrading our clients’ homes when the older tech is no longer serving the homeowner’s needs. Though it may still work, the hardware may look outdated, and the software may no longer be able to receive firmware updates from the manufacturer because of age.  

Luckily, C-Bus home automation has recently upgraded its hardware and software platforms. No longer are you constrained to operating your home automation technologies only using a fixed touchscreen on the wall – you can control your Melbourne home from anywhere now! 

Keep reading below to learn more about the modernised Clipsal C-Bus home automation platform and how it will make your lifestyle much more convenient and luxurious. 


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Intuitive Controls 

In addition to using touchscreens installed on your Melbourne home’s walls, you can now use a smartphone app to control your property with the tap of your finger. No matter where you’re located, it is a simple task to close automated blinds, dim smart lighting, or adjust thermostat settings. 

Before heading home after a long day at the office, open your C-Bus home automation app to prepare your home for your arrival. As you pull into the driveway, disarm the security system with a press of your finger. If you’d prefer to make life even easier, you can automate all of your smart technologies to adjust automatically based on the time of day.  


Smart Lighting 

Speaking of automating your smart solutions, incorporating tunable LED lighting into your home will support your daily tasks. In the mornings, bright white lighting will invigorate your mood, while in the evenings, dim, warm lighting will help you relax and ease into bedtime. Harnessing the power of light at your fingertips seems too good to be true, but it’s simple with C-Bus home automation. 


The Experience 

Two of C-Bus home automation's best features are the abilities to control your lighting at a moment's notice and initiate a sequence of multiple devices at once. A one-touch scene will activate when you press the "Dinner Party" button on a beautiful, metallic finished Clipsal Iconic wall switch. 

In seconds, lighting will dim to create a romantic mood, soft music begins playing over your multi-room audio system, and the automated blinds close to add privacy to your dining area. All you need to do is sit down to enjoy your meal with your loved one – there’s no need to fuss over complicated smart technology thanks to C-Bus home automation. 


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