Transform 3 Living Areas With Smart Home Lighting


Your Melbourne-area property has never looked or felt this amazing!

Modern lighting utilises the science of LED (light-emitting diodes) to produce light without the same amount of heat present with halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent technology. One benefit of LED is its incredible cost-effectiveness, though they bring so much more to the proverbial table. GreenStar Technologies Smart Lighting System are highly efficient and use much less energy than incandescent bulbs.

The ambience of your home can shift with your moods or in synchronisation with the sun’s rays outside – with just tap of a button! GreenStar Technologies’ Smart Home Lighting System gives you the ultimate control over the way your home look and feel! Save the smart way and reduce your power energy bills today!

Scroll below to learn how three areas of your Melbourne home can transform with GreenStar Technologies Smart Home Lighting System.


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Hallways don’t need to be dark and drab thoroughfares from point A to point B. Instead, take advantage of an opportunity to lead your eye from one end to the other with GreenStar Technologies’ expertly designed lighting control and scheduled setup. Small, recessed up lights and step lights can accentuate walls upwards from the floor, while track lighting can directionally illuminate artwork and table displays. Beautiful pendant lights can also dot the ceiling to pull the line of sight down the hall to a room or large piece of artwork.



The entryway is the perfect opportunity for a dramatic lighting display. Highlight two-story entries with a hanging statement fixture like a chandelier; this can draw the eyes of your guests upward before entering the property. Pendant lights and floor lamps also allow homeowners to add personal flair to their home lighting.


Living Areas

Primary areas where your family spends most of their time – the bedroom, kitchen, and living spaces – are all fair game for a smart lighting upgrade. Throughout the home, smart home lighting can shift its hue to mimic that of the sun; warm, amber hues help relax you as the day comes to a close while the bright, cool hues liven up the home while you work from home or hang out during the day.

Under-cabinet LED lighting in the kitchen create a mood for parties or even shine bright to illuminate the task at hand while preparing dinner. Under the handrails of the staircase or beneath the lip of stairs are great places to add smart lights for safety.


Nearly Endless Possibilities

With the proper wiring and Smart LED bulbs from GreenStar Technologies, you can adjust the lighting within your home with a simple tap of your finger from anywhere in the world. The professional integrators at GreenStar technologies work with brands you know and trust – Clipsal C-Bus, Creston, Control4, Dynalite, KNX and Lutron, to personalise the way you like to live, all beautifully incorporated into your interior and exterior design.

To control any of the lighting scenarios above, we utilise a combination of occupancy sensors, timers, on-wall keypads, and switches so you could dim, brighten, turn on, and turn off lights at a moment’s notice or according to a preset schedule.


If you can imagine it, then the smart lighting experts at GreenStar Technologies can make it a reality for your Melbourne home. Connect with us using our contact form to schedule a lighting consultation at our Home & Lifestyle Experience Centre Melbourne Showroom in Glen Huntly.

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