What Can I Do with a Crestron Home System?


Effortlessly Control Your Melbourne Home with the Device of Your Choice

The American Association of House Builders created the phrase “smart home” in 1984, but the concept was nothing compared to the reality of today’s modern homes. Prior to that, futuristic representations of an automated home were shown in animated cartoon and science fiction films, but their costs were prohibitive, and it wasn’t a realistic solution for Melbourne homeowners.

Since the widespread adoption of home networks in the 90s and early 2000s, smart home systems have become truly intuitive and capable of anticipating homeowners’ needs, from adjusting the thermostat at a specific time of day to automatically closing shades and turning on light bulbs. Crestron Home makes all of these disparate solutions communicate on a large or small scale, depending on your Melbourne home’s needs.

Keep reading below to learn more about what you can do with an automation system from Crestron Home!


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The Crestron Experience

From primary residences to vacation homes, a Crestron automation system brings various devices under the operation of one easy-to-use interface. With the tap of a finger, homeowners can easily view and manage their energy management system, adjust the volume on their whole-home speaker system, or raise the pool’s temperature by a few degrees.

Crestron Home: Life, Elevated from Crestron Electronics, Inc. on Vimeo.



With the Crestron Home operating system, GreenStar Technologies can program your property’s technologies to suit your every desire with a layer of sophistication to complement your luxury lifestyle.



Watch & Listen to Anything

Dynamic controls let you control every room of your Melbourne-area home individually or simultaneously. Smart TVs in the home theatre space turn to your favourite streaming movie and TV service, while the high-fidelity sound of your speaker system plays stunning highs and lows of your favourite films or music.

Crestron Stories: A Simply Smart Experience from Crestron Electronics, Inc. on Vimeo.


Crestron Home offers programmable options, so tap to select different audio/video sources – the children can watch YouTube videos in the playroom while you and your partner relax in the dining room with calming jazz and dimmed lighting. At your next dinner party, play the same energetic playlist in every room – it’s possible with a robust smart home system running the Crestron Home OS.



Beyond Entertainment

A smart home can do more than streamline your audio and video selections. Smart locks and security cameras placed at gates, the porch, and around buildings are all viewable with a Crestron Home setup. Customisable lighting scenes adjust throughout the day to support your mood, with bright light in the morning to help wake up and energise you and warmer, amber hued light in the evenings to help you decompress mentally after a taxing workday.



Shades will lower at dusk for increased privacy from neighbours, and landscape lighting will turn on or off automatically in synchronisation with an astronomical clock. Practically every connected device in your home can integrate with the Crestron Home platform.


Connect with us here to get started on a consultation for your Melbourne home – achieving a truly intelligent home that goes beyond anything a science fiction film could have predicted decades ago is possible!

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