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Why control4 is the superior choice for smart home automation?

+ Smarter living catered and personalised to each customer
+ Control4 / Snap One is the most popular home automation brand
+ Control4 is our best seller brand (9/10 homes)
+ Most reliable smart home system in the market
+ The most Intuitive and versatile solution
+ Best support system in the industry
+ Price competitive compared to other home automation systems
+ Control4 has the ability to integrate with a wide range of brands and manufacturers
+ Personalisation & control without having to call out a contractor to update / fix / program

Control4 is one of the most comprehensive and affordable systems on the market today. Many customers are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Especially among the younger generation, they grow with technology and expect technology to become a part of their lives wherever they are. The popularity of smart handheld devices that can control almost everything has raised the question, "Why can't I control everything in my house?" The way homes are built today is dramatically different than it was five years ago, convenient and functional homes that maximise efficiency and entertainment is of the upmost important.

What makes Control4 home automation such a great option for customers is the level of control that homeowners can have by having access to their entire "connected" home anywhere in the world. Control4 also gives customers the option to start with just the basic automated features and add additional home automation features depending on how they want to live. It's functional, aesthetically pleasing and cost manageable for homeowners and for contractors to purchase.

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+ Learn about the latest smart technologies in the market
+ Experience and discover smart home products in our Showroom
+ Increase profit $$ and grow your business through technology
+ Never say no to customers again! We’ll teach you how!
+ Q&A with our tech experts with 20+ years of experience  
+ Food and drinks on us! 

Evening: 2nd March 2022 - 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Evening: 17th March 2022 - 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Morning: 10th March 2022 - 6:30am - 8:00am
Morning: 22nd March 2022 - 6:30am - 8:00am

cost: FREE
location: 1174 Glen Huntly Road, Glen Huntly VIC 3163 

GreenStar Technologies - Home & Lifestyle Experience Centre 

why Collaborate with us?

If you’re a Contractor or Electrician looking to accommodate your client’s smart technology needs, it’s likely that you won’t have the resources to deliver comprehensive automation solutions that incorporate design and installation. That’s where we can help you! We will show you how easy home automation can be and how offering it as a service can add value to your business ($$).

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Book a consultation at our Home & Lifestyle Experience Centre.


Step into the future of smart home living with GreenStar Technologies. Bring your plans and workshop ideas and we’ll bring your dream smart home to life.
Who are we?

GreenStar Technologies are curators and specialists in bespoke smart home technology. We are 100% Australian and a family-owned company based in Melbourne specialising in smart whole-home automation solutions. Step into the future of Smart Home living today with GreenStar Technologies’ all round solutions specialising in design, installation and collaboration of technology for homeowners, electricians, builders, architects, landscapers, renovators and businesses. 

Why us?

Our dedicated professionals are committed to providing elite, reliable solutions for the most unique homes and businesses. Our team of designers, engineers, electricians and project managers have over 20+ years of experience in this industry. Every project we deliver offers first class client experiences with an equal balance of luxury and functionality so that you can enjoy the pinnacle of smarter living. We personalise indoor and outdoor living environments through integration of all the services you rely upon and according to your lifestyle with total simplicity – all beautifully incorporated into the interior and exterior design. 

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'Outdoor' is the new must-have living room!


'Outdoor' is the new must-have living room!

GreenStar Technologies’ innovative home automation solutions can elevate your outdoor living experience to whole new heights, keeping every corner of your property connected and accessible. This technology extends far beyond simple lighting control, with everything from smart irrigation systems, motion sensors, keyless gates, and pool control, to sound and visual entertainment systems, all available at the touch of a button. Our whole-home solutions allow you to tailor your outdoor area to your specific requirements and extended wireless access points keep every component of your home connected and easily accessible on any device. GreenStar Technologies multi-zoning capabilities allow you to control specific areas in your home at any given time and the company’s vast range of solutions, including motorised alfresco shades, hidden technology – such as pop up televisions and stealth invisible speakers – automated heating and cooling, and even smart fireplaces, let you control and set the mood from anywhere in the world. Designed to withstand the elements, our range of exceptional outdoor sound systems, weatherproof and anti-glare televisions allow you to encapsulate the romantic charm of outdoor movies without leaving the confines of your residence. For example, GreenStar Technologies’ outdoor AV system can fully integrate into your existing landscaping design, which will make listening to your favourite audio source as simple as one touch.

Pool & Spa Control


The great outdoors is a wonder in itself but when at home we seek to indulge in life’s little luxuries that make us feel comfortable – be it connecting with friends and families or cosying up to watch a movie. Implementing state-of-the-art technology into your alfresco framework is the perfect solution for those seeking to elevate their entertainment potential all from the comfort of home. GreenStar Technologies’ solutions allows you to tailor your outdoor area to your specific requirements. Its range of exceptional outdoor sound systems and anti-glare televisions allow you to encapsulate the romantic charm of outdoor movies without leaving the confines of your residence. Like all of GreenStar Technologies products, these systems are easy to use and can be controlled from one simple app. Its multi-zoning capabilities allows you to control exactly what is being played at any given time. When you’re ready to start the film, turn the lights down with the app, and let the entertainment begin.

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"Today’s modern world of technology gives you back time to do what you really want. If you want the best contact for a seamless process from start to finish then speak with Marc at GreenStar Technologies to modernise your home or office so everything that can be, will be at a touch of a screen."

- Craig F.

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