Smart Security

A custom suite of security solutions you can access from your smartphone at any time.

Commercial Security

Take command of your business security from anywhere with remote management and monitoring features that keep you in the know 24/7.


Access Real-Time and Recorded Footage Anytime for Security and Quality Control
  • Track business activity from your smartphone with live and recorded footage
  • Extensive video analytics isolate activity trends and potential threats
  • Keep sensitive CCTV security camera footage secure through encryption protocols

Entry Systems/Access Control

Control and Monitor Access to Your Property with Innovative Technology
  • Ensure authorized access only via keycards, codes, biometrics or mobile apps
  • Detailed entry logs and security alerts keep you informed of who comes and goes
  • User interface makes it easy to quickly add and remove employees from your system

Remote Access/Monitoring

Take Your Business Security with You Wherever You Go with Dedicated Apps
  • Alarm systems are monitored around the clock to assist in case of an emergency
  • Notifications via text or email alert you of any emergencies or suspicious activity
  • Have access to CCTV surveillance camera footage and security event data from anywhere

Automated Door Locks

Verify Only Approved Personnel Enter Your Property with Automated Door Locks
  • Keyless entry systems integrate with your building automation system
  • Instantly receive text or email alerts when anyone enters or leaves your property
  • Outfit inventory areas and server rooms with automated locks for added building security

Motion Detection

Guard Your Property Against Intrusion at All Times With Strategic Motion Sensors
  • Ensure a proactive level of defense with sensors that monitor movement 24/7
  • Lock external doors, turn lights on and activate the alarm when motion is detected
  • Instantly receive an alert when motion detectors go off in sensitive areas

Outdoor Perimeter Protection

Implement Perimeter Protections to Keep Threats from Reaching Your Property
  • Fence, wall and perimeter sensors quickly inform you of suspicious activity
  • Enforce strict access control protocols with state-of-the-art gate entry systems
  • Video surveillance systems capture threats the moment they enter protected areas

Protect Your Facilities With Commercial-Grade Security Solutions

Are you looking for a more proactive way to protect your business? Let us design a security solution tailored to your unique needs featuring smart commercial security cameras and the latest security technology.

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